Does Windows Defender have a network installation



I am looking for a Spyware program that is server based. I would like to use
Windows Defender, but do not se a server based Installation. Is Windows
Defender able to be setup for this type of support or is it a PC only install.

Bill Sanderson

Microsoft has two other products that incorporate the same protection
afforded by Windows Defender.

Windows Live OneCare is designed for home users or small networks--I would
say 25 users or fewer.

With SBS 2008, there will be a server based OneCare product which will both
protect the server and manage the clients.,

I'm not certain about the situation without that server based product--in a
home user situation, you can designate a single node of the three on a
license pack to see the Defender-related health conditions of all three
machines. Something I saw led me to believe that in a domain, this number
may be expanded to 25, but I haven't yet tested this configuration.

For larger networks, Microsoft Forefront client security is the appropriate

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