Does not display "Conflicts with another appointment"



I have a user who has a somewhat strange problem. Normally, when one
has two calendar entries conflict with each other, it would display
the message "Conflicts with another appointment on your Calendar" in
each of the two entries. And this works on my mail account.

But for one user, it does not display this message. Inspecting her
calendar, visually you can see that there should be a conflict between
two entries. And, when you do a free/buisy look-up of the user, it
also visually shows that the date/time periods are already taken.

The problem also appears to follow the user. I had her log off her PC
and log onto our terminal server. Same symptoms.

Running MS Outlook 2003 SP3
Connecting to MS Exchange 2003 Server using Microsoft Exchange Server




Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

What have you tried to fix it and what result did you get? Detect and
Repair? Any command line switches?


Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook
Trainer and Consultant

There are various articles about using Outlook here:
Canberra, Australia

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