public folder calendar returns all when using find



We have SBS2003 with exchange setup and functioning fine. All clients
using Outlook 2003. We have setup a public calendar for inspections
appointments which has been working fine. However one user now finds
that when she uses the find feature on this calendar in outlook she is
always returned all entries and not restricted to the scope of the
find argument. The find feature works on all other public and
personnel folders that she has.

No other user has a problem. We have also tested on other pcs with her
account and happens regardless of which machine is used. Have tried
changing the permissions to owner with no affect. Have tried removing
her from the permissions and then adding in again and still the find
always returns everything.

Any ideas on how to resolve this would be appreciated.




Patrick Reed

Unfortunately, I have never heard of this before and I cannot reproduce it.

I'm not aware of anything specific to an Exchange mailbox or Outlook that
would follow them to other PCs and affect this.

I'm assuming she isn't using a saved search (OSS file) as you're trying this
on other machines? Are you using roaming profiles on the PCs? How about
Windows Desktop Search? If Windows Desktop Search is in-use, maybe her index
settings need attention? Although the indexes wouldn't follow with a roaming
profile, I believe some of the settings do.

How about any third-party programs? Maybe an anti-virus scanner that is
scanning Outlook messages? It may be worth it to turn that function off if
it's in-use on these machines.

What I would probably end up finally doing is assigning someone (like
yourself) full access to her mailbox
( Then
I'd log into a PC with your Active Directory account and set up an Outlook
profile for her mailbox. Try this search again from her mailbox, logged in
as yourself and see what happens. If you still get the same thing, I would
think this would more than likely point to some issue with her
mailbox/presence on Exchange (although I can't imagine what that could be).
If it seems to work fine, I would think there is something in her Windows
profile affecting this. I would imagine this is even more likely if roaming
profiles are in-use.

Because at this point, if it were me; I'd be out of ideas and willing to try
things just for fun-zeez... If you don't use Cached Exchange mode, I would
try setting up a new Outlook profile for her and setting it to use Cached
Exchange mode, making sure to select the option to download Public Folder
Favorites. I'd add some of the folders to the Favorites folder under Public
Folders, let them synch-up, and then try some searches against these folders
in Favorites. Maybe there is a difference in how they behave between online
and cached mode.

There are no answers here, but maybe the results of some of this may give a
direction towards where the problem could be.

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