Calendars in Public Folders



I work at a community college and we are on an Exchange Server, using Office
Outlook 2003. The problem we're having is this:
While using the calendars in the public folders, those who have full
access to the calendars are not informed of schedule conflicts. In other
words, while using my personal calendar, if I try to schedule something that
overlaps another appointment, a message with a gray background shows near the
top indicating a schedule conflict. However, while using the calendars that
I have full access to in the public folders, this message does not display
when there is a conflict.

Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions to this? It would be most
helpful. Thank you in advance.




This may be to do with the Outlook installation. Scehdule + needs to be
installed for the conflicts etc to work. Try reinstalling outlook on the
troubled machines but rather than typical choose custom and select install
everything for Outlook.

Look up Schedule + on the web (sorry I do not know the stuff off hand).


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