Does anyone know how to get Voice to Text to work?



I am trying to get Voice to Text to work. I have spent over an hour training
this thing to my voice by reading the little "stories". Is this thing sick of
my voice or have I done something wrong?

Here is my set up.
I am trying to the VTS in MS Word 03. The language bar is on the screen and
it Does show that dictiation as being selected. I have knowticed that my mic
will put it's volume down all the way sometimes depending on what window has
focus. When it is Word it will 9 times out of 10 go to 0. Does anyone have a
clue as to why this is happening? durring the training of the VTS everything
went fine except that after I finished each section my mic volume would go
all the way down and I would have to raise it back up each time in order to
continue with the training.

Please help!!!!


well, dosen't that just figure...

Humm.. Is there anyone out there that can be of more help than this??

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