Does anyone have an actual SD card working with ReadyBoost?



I have a cardreader on my laptop that would be perfect for an SD card
to run readyboost. Anyone know of a specific SD card that works? I
don't need links to general ReadyBoost requirements, guidlines, or
blogs. Seen 'em, and none provide any listing for specific SD
cards...only generic requirements. I've also seen to many posts on
forums from people who have cards or keys that allegedly meet these
stated requirements but still don't work with ReadyBoost.

So I'm hoping someone has had a successful ReadyBoost experience with
a SPECIFIC brand/model of SD card and can share that info here.


Marc Antheunis

yes and no...
for normal use i don't see much difference (if any) probably cause i have
2gb mem and a rather fast hd
but booting up a vmware 5 image goes much faster with readyboost enabled
than without
now said that i must also add that there is a problem in the current vmware
release that eats all the mem avail when booting an image
so i guess there's a lot of paging going on
i'm not sure if readyboost will help when something gets pages out but
that's what i'm seeing...
strange but true

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