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My wife's college class requires her to post to a blog and view
attachments from other students. The problem is that the attachments
posted from Office 2007 are in the new format that the web server
interprets as a ZIP file (the attachment shows the true extension, but
changes it to ZIP when clicked on). Other than telling her computer
to open .ZIP files with Word 2007, is there another solution to make
it easy for her? Asking her to click on the attachment, click save,
change the file extension to ".docx" or ".pptx", and then open the
directory/file is too many steps.




Graham Mayor

I am curious about what software changes the extension? This should never
happen. Office 2007 files are in a compressed format, but if Office 2007 is
installed correctly it should open then as native files.

Opening e-mail attachments directly is bad practice, but it is tolerable
with Outlook 2007.

If she has Office 2007 installed then if it will not open files by clicking
them its file associations are broken - so repair Office. If she has Office
2003 installed then she needs the Office 2007 compatibility pack
http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/products/HA101686761033.aspx . If she has
both, see http://www.gmayor.com/Toolbars_in_word_2007.htm

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