"Do not send fonts to distiller" work around found!!!



First a bit of backround: Trying to programatically convert excel
documents to PDF. This is done by first converting to a PS file
(print to file) and then using adobe distiller. Problem is that the
"Do not send fonts to distiller" must be checked off in the PS print
to file setup. This option has no API or registry setting that works
so there is no way to configure it programtically. Yes there is a
registry setting for this feature, but according to my tests and
adobes own documentation on their site it often has no effect on the
actaul setting. I suppose this effects other programs too and not
just Excel. This applies to Acrobat 7.0 and before. They might fix
it in version 8.0 but don't hold your breath.

Now for the work around:

What you need to do is to create a new printer under Windows. This
printer will be a PS (post script) printer and be set to file. Just go
though control panel, printers, and add printer. Next add a printer
that has a "ps" in the name (this is VERY important). For myself I
picked a HP Deskjet 1200C/PS. In the printer configuration under ports
choose FILE: which will make the printer you just created print to

Thats it! To use it do just like you would before, but instead of
choosing "Adobe PDF" and checking "print to file" option just choose
the new printer you created. Just like before a window will pop up and
prompt you for a name. Just put in a name with a ps file extension
such as "thisfile.ps" and you are done. Then use adobe distiller just
like before and you are in business.

Only issue I have found is font support. Doing it this way does not
have font support for the funky style of fonts. I use New Times Roman
which is a standard font style and it works great without any
problems. So if you stick to standard fonts you should be fine.

Figured I would post my findings for others to use since adobe has not
fixed their bug yet, and I have spent at least an entire day searching
the net and expermenting around to find a solution.

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