We have a small network, 15 users, behind a firewall, using Windows
Server 2000, Terminal Server 2000. The users complain that the
internet is too slow. We recently upgraded from DSL to a T1
connection. They thought we’d be faster. I phoned into Covad. They
tested the line up to our box and it ran at T1 speed. They suggested
running a test on our side. I ran a speed test on all the workstation
computers. The connections tested at around 1.5mbps.

One of the workers showed me a web site, Barrons.com. It took five
minutes to load up. I did the basics on his machine. Remove temp
files, defrag, cookies –the usual routines to cleanup a system. That
didn’t work. I took an unused computer added new memory, added a new
hard drive. Installed Windows 2000 and updated. A clean machine with
only windows installed. I brought Joe over to look at his new machine.
We launched Barrons.com, and it took five minutes to load up.

Here’s what I found out, and I was hoping this forum could help me
collect insight into a remedy.

The internal network is 192.168.254.xxx Gateway DNS

We use DHCP to automatically obtain the addresses.

As an experiment I took this computer off our network and changed
‘obtain DNS’ to ‘use the following DNS server Address’. I put in the
generic address. The web sites loaded up with blistering

And I tried the Covad address – 74.2.131.xxx. The web sites loaded up
with blistering speed. This was most perplexing. I then returned the
computer to our network configuration, and alas, the connection speed
degraded remarkable.

I tested the line again. Though it proves we have T1 speed the
Internet connections within our company would prove the contrary. I
suspect everything has to do with DNS.

Is there a remedy?

Meinolf Weber

Hello Parvardigar,

Please do not multipost the same question with different subjects. If you
do not find the posting you should think about using newsreaders to control
the overview. I think the "T1 Networking DNS" and "DNA Failure" postings
form yesterday belongs to this, where you also get some answer/questions.
Please stick to them.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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