Display trouble/Change graphic settings from Safe Mode?



A couple of questions, any help appreciated.

Is there any way to change the graphic settings from Safe Mode such that
when I restart the computer it will start with the new settings? I know there
is a low resolution option from the F8 menu during startup, but this does not
work. The only thing that seems to work is the VGA driver in safe mode. Is it
possible to make my laptop use this driver instead of the already installed
NVIDIA GEFORCE 7400 driver?

The only way I now can boot up is via safe mode.

Also I can elaborate on the problem.

59 out of 60 times I try to boot there are some vertical blurred stripes on
the screen. When I'm supposed to get the Windows/Vista logo the screen goes
black but the disk still does some loading. Every now and then if I wait long
enough I get a blue srceen telling me it tried to reset video driver/card or
something like that. The 60th time I actually manage to boot normally.

If I boot via Safe Mode then I allways manage to boot, but sometimes I am
missing part of the screen (I cannot see the start menu at the bottom of the
screen). Other times I see the entire screen but ofcourse in VGA mode.

Help please?

Second question is regarding graphics driver.
I have a NVIDIA GEFORCE GO 7400 graphics card in this laptop. I have tried
to download a new driver, but NVIDIA tells me that I need to get a driver
from the producer of the laptop since there might be some power down/sleep
functions or whaterver on the laptop.

My problem is that my laptop doesnt seem to exist. It's called Philips
Freevents on the front, and the model no. on the back is Philips X74 Model
no. EAA-89. I will never buy a Philips product again for the rest of my life
because this was very expensive and a piece of [insert four-letter word here]
and no support.

Any hope for me? I need an updated driver to run Google Sketchup.




When you change the resolution while in safe mode you are actually changing
the resolution to be used when the computer is booted in normal mode.
Check http://laptop2go.com/ for a updated driver for your computer.

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