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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
I'm kind of new to Outlook (2003), so I'm try to find out how things work still.
I work on company which has like thousands of people. I was given an email address and on my contact card there is just my name and surename and the display name, so when a new email come from me (or other contact from the company) shows our actual names (John Doe).
Now, I send emails to customers so I have a good number of contacts to add, because as I have folders for every client created, I like to move those mails there. But when an email from anyone of the customers comes, I just get the address or some other name (customer name).
What I try to get is to see the data I put on their contact card. I mean, I put in the display options to show the name of the company but after saving the contact card, it keeps showing other stuff and when I go back to edit the contact, the display option is sometimes back to nothing or the name I put.
I tried editing from the email address on the message (right click > add to address book) and on the address book itself but nothing seems to work.
Thanks for any help and sorry for my English, I'm a Spanish speaker..
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