Display changed?



About a week ago I switched to a new 17" LCD monitor. The display was great
with large icons and bold lettering right off the bat with no input from me
beyond hooking it up. Suddenly this morning after bootup, everything was
small just like my old 15" CRT. As far as I know I made no changes on my
machine to cause it. Since then, I've tried some changes in Control Panel,
"Display" but I can't get that "new" look back. I got the icons and
lettering to look larger but it's not the same. Web sites looked cramped and
don't fill the screen. What happened? BTW, I got no software with my new
monitor. Can I do something else in Win XP?


Hi jll,

It sounds like something decreased your screen resolution. This could have
been caused if a game was closed wrong or any number of things. To fix this,
go to the Display control panel, and select the System tab, then increase the
Resolution slider one by one, applying each time untill your screen looks as
it did before.

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