"display as email" errors



I was reading about errors with contacts, my problem is “ email display as “
is using next field of next contact and is throwing a lot of contacts off as
well as having lots of duplicates but display problem is the worst. I do
have blackberry 8330 and sync it with computer. I need ideas on how to fix.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Are you using desktop manager to sync the contacts? Are the contacts fine
on the BB?

If so:
Backup the BB using Desktop Manager, not the sync function but the backup.
Delete all contacts in Outlook. Use CTRL-A to select and then delete them
all. If he's not syncing all, move the ones not on the BB to a new contacts
folder for now.
In Desktop manager go into the sync options and set to sync from the BB to
Outlook and not the other way around.
Then sync.
When finished, set the sync options the way you want them.

This seems to be a problem for some with the latest update to the DM - if
you have an older build available and it happens again you may want to
uninstall DM and revert to a slightly older version.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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