Diskless Clients Netbooting Windows XP Embedded



Hi all,

Just wondering if I can setup diskless x86 clients to boot up Embedded
Windows XP through network boot (PXE)

I am trying to make 32 clients on my tester boot to windows through network,
what are the licensing charges involved?





Sean Liming \(MVP\)

Yes, XPe can boot from an network and load the image to run in RAM. The
tools come with a Remote Boot Service object ot install on Windows 2003
server with DHCP enabled.

The image will have to run on a hard drive first to get past FBA, and then
you can create the final downloadable carrier file. The amount of RAM in the
target must be twice the image size.


Sean Liming
www.sjjmicro.com / www.seanliming.com
Book Author - XP Embedded Advanced, XP Embedded Supplemental Toolkit

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