Booting Problem

May 24, 2010
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My goal is to Boot my Windows Embedded image through the network using the Windows Embedded Standard 2009. I'm using virtual machines (2 in this case). One that has Windows Server 2008 and doesn't have anything (diskless). I installed the Windows Embedded Standard 2009 on the virtual machine that has Windows Server 2008 and followed the insctructions on this blog (Augusto Alvarez blog). I made it to the end except the final part that it is supost to work. After running the FBA and configuring my remote boot manager I rebooted my PXE virtual machine and it recognizes the server ("Searching for server (DHCP).... Me:, DHCP:, TFTP:"
"No filename"

To correct this problem I configured the port 67 of my DHCP and on the string box I wrote "ramdisk.sdi" because I think that is where it will search the image (following the logic of the forum above). Now, instead of "No filename" it appears "Loading ..........................................." and at the end gives me "Unable to load file.". What can I do to solve my problem? Can anyone help.

I apologize if I misspelled any word or if I haven't use the right verb tense or something. My native language is Portuguese and I don't practise my English much.


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