Disaster - cannot uninstall, low disk space



My computer is very low in disc space so I have been trying to clean it up.
However, there is an application running in the background that is preventing
me from running at a normal speed.

APPLICATION: Rogers highspeed internet browser and self-healing software

HOW: It starts automatically upon startup, and occassionally I received an
error message that told me the Rogers self-healing software is shutting down
due to error...for those runs, I regain the normal computer speed

WHAT I WANT TO DO: I want, need, cannot wait to get those things off my
computer. BUT, none of the uninstall methods work!!!!!!!!!! I used the
Control Panel --> Remove programme route....I could uninstall other progs,
but NOT the rogers one. It just hanged. I tried Program Files --> Rogers -->
Install...the uninstall sheild would not start at all. I even tried to just
delete the whole folder, and received an error message because it is still
running in the background.

Can someone please enlighten me? Is there anyway I can get rid of it? I have
no problem uninstall other programmes.

Many thanks!



Sharon F

APPLICATION: Rogers highspeed internet browser and self-healing software
Any info in their online tech support pages for removing their software?

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