Disappearing Toolbars



For some reason my toolbars have disappeared from my excel 2003. Not just
from the spreadsheets that I open but also from the dropdown menus that I
would normally select toolbars from - view - toolbars. The only ones that
appear there now are Task Pane and Customise. Please can anyone tell me how
to get them back?

Gary''s Student

right-click the area where the toolbars used to be and check the one you want.


Thanks but that doesn't bring up anything other than the task pane and
customise options again. Any other thoughts?

Gary''s Student

How about the menu bar? If the menu bar is visible, then:
View > Toolbars > and take your pick

Dave Peterson

If you click on Customize, you can select the toolbars you want to see on the
Toolbars tab of that dialog.

If you want to start from scratch (lose all your customizations), you could:

Close excel
use windows search to find *.xlb
delete it/them

Restart excel and start changing the toolbars back to the way you like.

Once you're done, you may want to close excel
search again for *.xlb
and back it up to a nice safe location.

If you ever want to get that version of the toolbar back, you can just copy it
into the folder that the holds *.xlb (with excel closed).

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