Disappearing outbox email!



I find that when I have a message in the outbox and the message is no longer
"unread," it disappears regardless of whether it was sent! I believe this is
the cause for two current problems:

1. everytime I close Windows Mail, I receive the message "You have unsent
messages in your Outbox. Do you want to send them now?" Of course I always
click "yes," but the truth is there are no messages in my outbox, and even if
I click yes, I will be given the same message if I open and close Windows
Mail again. It is chronic!

2. I cannot be sure if a message was actually sent after it's been read and
disappears from my outbox. Just this morning, I read a message in my outbox.
It became "read," then it disappeared. When I hit send/receive, it
successfully "sent" the message according to the action item, but then it
failed to move the message from my outbox to the sent folder. So now the
mail has disappeared and I have no record of it ever being in existence.

Peter Foldes

(1) Sent Receipt or Read Receipt. Is option for this set up?
(2) Did you check the Sent folder if the message is there

Gary VanderMolen [MVP]

It is easy to verify whether a message was sent. Look for a copy in the
Sent Items folder.

Regarding messages disappearing in the Outbox, open the Outbox
folder, then click View, Current View, Show All Messages. If after
doing that you still don't see messages there, then they were all sent.


It does not show up in my "sent" folder, nor does it continue to exist in my
outbox after it has been "read."

Given the problems with the system chronically thinking I have mail in my
outbox, I think the mail is somewhere.... but I have no idea where that
somewhere is (it is certainly not in any immediate folder I have access to)


Great, this was it! What a crazy bug... it doesn't show "read" messages in
the outbox by default, and "read" messages don't automatically get sent nor
do they get moved to the "sent folder," yet the system detects them being
there and wants to try sending them.

Viewing them, then manually moving them or deleting these read messages from
my outbox fixed the chronic issue.

Thanks again!

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