Disappearing Data Label in chart



I have Excel 2003
I have a clustered column chart that shows the date that a monthly report
was turned in from each unit. I put data labels on each column that show the
week number and the date, so the chart for October would show:
but for one unit, the data label has disappeared. By clicking around I can
find the box for the unit up at the top of the chart but if I pull it down to
the position I want it in (and have also found the option for it and chose
"center" ) when I click off of it it disappears again and is invisible at the
top of the chart again!
Any idea how I can fix this? I have done "chart options" / "data labals" and
made sure everything is checked correctly, and clicked on the single column
and clicked on "format" / "data labels" and made sure everything is checked,
but nothing seems to work
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this is very annoying.
thanks, Meenie


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