Directx 9 over 10



Hey everyone I just have a quick question that I wanted to ask everyone if
what I did was wrong.

I was installing a game, and at the end it started installing directx 9 when
I have vista ultimate. I canceled the installation half way, but I'm kinda
paranoid that maybe it overwrote directx 10? I did a dxdiag run and it says
directx 10 as well as checking my video card. Am I just being paranoid or is
there anything else I can do?



Dustin Harper

Don't worry, it won't overwrite the files. Some games actually require DX9
to be installed in order to work. The DX9 setup just updates the components
that it needs, without overwriting the DX10 files. You can have DX10, along
with some DX9 components.

You're good.

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