DirectX 7 Vista compatible?



From searching the forums I've found that it's a common problem to find games
that were fine pre-Vista throwing up error messages due to the requirement of
DirectX 7 - despite later versions already being installed.

I've already installed dxsetup.exe from Microsoft's Download Center, which
claims to be backwards compatible from v9.0c, although I've read elsewhere
that versions 7 and/or 8 are not included.

There are various opinions about whether or not Vista is DirectX
7-compatible. I'm trying to find a definate answer, and if so, where is the
best place to find it?


The problem with some apps is the method used to detect the DX version, not
the version itself.
IE DX7 or later instead of DX7 only. There were app specific fixes when it
was a more common problem.

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