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I have a VFP8 .exe file on one of the computers on a network per to per say
we call it the server. Now when I try and run the .exe file from another
workstation I get the message "The publisher could not be
verified are you sure you want to run this software" "The file does not have
a valid digital signature that verifies its publisher"
If I say yes it does let me run the program. I thought there may be a way to
eliminate that message as I do not like it to popping up each time I
access the program from a workstation. The .exe program runs fine from the
station that it is installed on.




There is a way to get rid of the message

Start -> Run -> gpedit.msc

User Configuration->AdministrativeTemplates->Windows Components->Attachment
then configure "Inclusion List for Medium File Types" to enable and enter
".exe" without the quotes.

Apply and OK then exit and it should work.

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