Digital ID and certificate missing



I have Microsoft Office 2002 which includes Outlook 2002.
I've been using the software now for some time without a
problem. Recently I went to send a message and it popped up
with an error stating that I am missing my certificates and
it could not send the message. I did some poking around
only to find out that my computer is missing the digital ID
and certificates all together. So...I've been trying to
find some sort of help on the Internet dealing with this. I
eventually found on the support site for outlook how to get
a new digital ID, which goes as follows:

Get a digital ID
Do one of the following:

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the
Security tab.
Click Get a Digital ID.
Click Set up security for me on the Exchange Server.
Click OK.
In the Digital ID name box, type your name.
In the Token box, type the keyword your Exchange Server
administrator assigned to you, for example, NLSWQGSS.
In the Microsoft Outlook Security Password dialog box, type
a password for the digital ID, and then type the password
again in the Confirm box.
You will receive a message in the Inbox from your Exchange
Server administrator that will require you to enter the
password you created in step 7.

In the dialog box that appears, click the Remember password
for check box, and then enter the number of minutes you
want Outlook to remember your password for.
In the Root Certificate Store message that appears, click Yes.

The problem is...I start doing this fine, I go to the tools
menu, options, security, and click on "Get a Digital ID."
Instead of giving me more options it brings up a website
wanting me to buy another digital ID. The help file states
that there should be more I am completely
stumped. If anyone knows how to help it would be
appreciated. Thanks




Patrick Reed [MVP - Outlook]

If you are indeed connecting to an Exchange Server, check with your
administrator. They should be able to re-enroll you.

If you're not connecting to an Exchange Server, you're on your own as far as
obtaining a new certificate. Are you sure you were encrypting and/or signing
your messages before this? If you select Tools | Options | Security, you can
uncheck the options to sign and encrypt your messages.

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