different page 2 header - WORD 2007, different size also



WORD 2007 specific problem: Have an image, our company logo, with text boxes
beside it (name and address). This goes on page 1 of a letter. Page 2
header SHOULD say only Recipient name (next line) Date (next line) Page 2 of
X, line space, then the body of the letter outside of the header. This page
2 and subsequent headers are much smaller than the logo header. This worked
before 07. I have clicked "Dif. 1st page". The size of page 2 header then
matches page 1 (much too big) or Page 1 headers disappear altogether, or
become small to match Page 2. If I manage to set this up, Page 3 does not
work properly (should match page 2 and say Page 3 of x). Please help step by
step! I was very familiar w previous WORD, so know how to fiddle, but can't
make this work! I do not know what program the logo was created in - and
cannot find out - a graphic artist did it and emailed it to my boss.

Stefan Blom

In addition to "Different first page," are you also using the "Different odd
and even" option?

Is this a document with more than one section?

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

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news:[email protected]...


Am NOT checking diff. odd/even. This would be a letter (law firm) of
different lengths - could be 1, 2, 3 or more pages, but no sections. There
are several problems: 1. I cannot adjust the size of the header/footer space
by dragging on the blue line like in old WORD. 2. The graphic is not going
into the letterhead - by this I mean when I cut and paste it, it LOOKS like
it is a letterhead, but it is actually NOT - if I SELECT ALL of the letter
text, for ex., the letterhead disappears. This does not happen with a true
header. 3. The second page letterhead issue already discribed - also I
cannot adjust the blue line to change the size. If I change the size in the
toolbar box to, say, 2", ALL headers (page 1 and 2 and 3) change to 2".


2007 is different. Your excellent article applies to older Word. For one
thing, the depth of header 1 and header page 2 won't separate themselves:
each wants to be the same depth. I have Dif First Page checked; I have
unlinked to previous; I do not have diff. odd and even (bec. pages2,3,4, etc.
need to be the same). In the TEXT of the letter: If I change the margins
the letterhead changes also; If I put a Continuous Section break at the
BEGINNING of the TEXT outside the header, problems arise with spacing the
letter. aaargh! Thank you.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

You cannot set different Top or Header margins for the first and subsequent
pages. Instead (as the article explains), you force a larger margin on the
first page by adding to the size of the header itself (not the header margin
but the actual header content). This can be done with empty paragraphs or
Spacing After.

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