Different DB's with Different System MDW




We have 5 Access db's but I only need to secure one(1). When I Secure that
one, the System.mdw changes for ALL db's. The one I need secured will be on
a net share. How can I point the shortcut dor the Front End to that wif and
have the rest of the db's continue using the default ?


Joan Wild

To secure a mdb, you need to create a *new* mdw file; don't use the existing
system.mdw that ships with Access. First, it wouldn't be secure if you used
it, and secondly, you now don't have a workgroup file for unsecure

Once you have your one mdb secured using a secure mdw, make sure you are
joined by default to system.mdw (the one that ships with Access). You can
check this in Tools, security, workgroup administrator.

Create and use a desktop shortcut for your secure mdb. Its target would
look like:
"path to msaccess.exe" "path to frontend.mdb" /wrkgrp "path to secure mdw"

Using the shortcut, you'll over-ride the default workgroup file for just
that session of Access. All other sessions will use the default system.mdw
and require no login.

Your secure mdw and the backend would be on the server; and a copy of the
frontend and the shortcut would be put on each user's computer.

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