Difference column in PivotTable




I'm working with a fairly complex PivotTable in Excel 2007 and I'm
hoping that somebody can help me out. Here's the issue:

One one sheet of my workbook, I have a big table of data. Every row
represents a particular date, and I have several columns with numbers
in them. On a second sheet, I've created a PivotTable using the table
on the first sheet as the source of the data. On that pivot table, I
am able to add the Date field to the "Row Labels" section of my table
(thus, I have a row in my PivotTable for every date), and I'm able to
add one of my columns of data (for example, profit) to the "Values"
section of the PivotTable. Once I change the "Value Field Settings"
to something other than "Count" (right now, I'm using "Sum"), my data
shows up correctly in my PivotTable.

Now, what I'd like to do is to have a column in my PivotTable to show
the CHANGE in profit for every day, rather than the value itself. I
have tried a ton of things, and can't get it to work. In other words,
here's what I want:

Date Profit Change in Profit
3/1 1000
3/2 1200 200
3/3 1100 -100

Is this possible?





Debra Dalgleish

Add another copy of the Profit field to the Values area
In the pivot table, right-click on a cell in the new field
Click Summarize Data By, and then click More Options
Click the Show Values As tab
For Show Values As, select Difference From
For Base Field, select Date
For Base Item, select (previous)
Click OK

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