difference between plan a meeting and group schedule?



Hi - I would like to plan a meeting using the meeting facility (2007) but am
very confused! (new to Outlook). What is the difference please between 'plan
a meeting' and 'group schedule'? In both I seem to be able to see the diary
of everyone I want to attend and whether they are free/busy. Does the
'schedule assistant' work out for me when everyone is free on the date I
propose? Do I then need to invite everyone via email or will the schedule
assistant put the meeting automatically in everyones diary if they are free?
Many thanks for any help - I could just do with being told how it should work!

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

They are essentially the same but with slightly different purposes.

Use group schedule to make a predefined list of people you often hold
meetings with (or need to review their free/busy) - use the make meeting
button to open a meeting request with those members added automatically.

Use plan a meeting to schedule meeting with people you don't have meet with
often - again, make meeting button will bring up the meeting request form
with their names included.

Or just open a meeting request and click the scheduling button, add the
people you want to invite and pick a time.


Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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