Dialup over ADSL



I have setup a Windows 2000 Server with Ethernet connection to the LAN where
there is a ADSL router and also a dialup connection via external modem
connected to the server. (this connection is permamently connected too)

I wanted the Server to use the Router on the LAN to get on the Internet and
if at some stage the Internet on ADSL is down, Server would use Dialup modem
conneciton to send information out on the Internet.
However the problem is that Dialup conneciton is always used default, and
only when it is disconnected, Server uses ADSL router to get on the net.
I have tried disabling Default gateway option in the Dialup properties but
it doesn't work. When the option is disabled, Server cannot get on the
Internet at all using Dialup.

I need to set it up so that Dialup is used only as a failover to ADSL.

Has anyone ever managed to get this working?

Thanks heaps in advance!!

Herb Martin

You can do it IF the "router" you use is DOWN.

It is just a matter of setting the "metric" on the dial to be higher
than on the Ethernet with the ADSL.

BUT, the problem is that the ADSL typically goes down somewhere
else -- outside your facility, e.g., at the provider's switches or routers.

You can of course manually flip OFF (or unplug) the ADSL router
when the line is unusable -- it isn't perfect but this is not the fault of
your Win2000 router.

An analogy: Your local post office closes but your mail carrier doesn't
know that, so keeps picking up the mail. You can certainly take the mail
(dialup) to another mail box but since the mail carrier keeps working
you "think" the mail is still delivered through the post office....

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