Feb 26, 2003
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Hi all...looking for some ideas on what might have caused the following series of events:

1. On boot, failed to hear the single beep indicating post and signalled no DVI signal
2. Rebooted several times and got same error - pretty certain the PC wasn't actually booting
3. Swapped out monitor cable and got same result - also for HDMI and VGA signals
4. Swapped DVI to different vid output socket - same result
4. Put original cable back and eventually got 'BOTMGR missing' message on monitor
5. Thought it might be loose SSD connection so re-seated these and still got BOOTMGR message or failed to boot entirely
6. Day later (PC had rested) - changed monitor itself and got windows starting to load but screen locked.
7. Got same on original monitor.

By this time I was pretty certain the monitor and cables were ok, and thought it was most likely a problem with my boot disk (SSD). So I decided to try and simply re-install Win7.

8. Put the OS disk in whilst the machine was running, then remembered to re-boot. Switched on the power and a few seconds later the whole PC shut down.

9. Checked cables and sockets: the following were blown:
- Network plug (using home electric circuit to access network)
- 8-gang surge protector extension cable
- All cables plugged into it
- Computer PSU

10. I tried a different power cable to the back of the PSU from a different 8-gang socket from a different wall socket - that fused too!

My conclusion was that all of the faults were related to a failing PSU, which eventually failed and blew everything connected to it.

My solution is to put new fuses in all the cables that have blown and test them, then buy a new PSU (which I need anyway) and try re-booting the PC with it.


Does this sound like the most sensible solution?
Am I missing any obvious measures to reduce risk of blowing a brand new PSU?
Do you think there is a more likely reason for the earlier no-vid and BOOTMGR errors and that the PSU failure was just as a result of me constantly re-booting my machine?

A lot to consider...so any views welcomed

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