Diagnosis Vista sleep issue



Specs: AMD Athlon X2 BE3250, AMD 690V chipset, ATI HD3850 256mb graphics.
Bios updated to latest version (late 07). Set mode to S3, power button
function set to sleep(not turn off).

The machine goes into sleep just fine but when I try to wake it all the fans
come on, I can hear the hard drives power up. But I have no video and theres
no activitiy light blinking. If vista was resuming but I had no video I
would still get an activity light. Also that fans spin at full speed, I have
it set in the bios to throttle cpu fan speed to under 25% when the temp. is
under 40C (its only 24C when idle). Its almost like it goes into a pre-POST
state and stays there. Yes I've done all updates critical and optiona, video
drivers updated. I've played with the "Recall Vga bios S3" in bios but
didn't make a difference. Any ideas?




Have you tried tweaking the Advanced Settings of your chosen Theme in Power
Options? Set Adaptive Display to Off. Sleep to Never, Hibernate to Never--but
enable it-- (note you have to reset enable Hibernation if you ever used Disk
Cleanup) I don't know why this works, but it does. I had lost hardware after
sleep and hibernation as well as failure to wake properly. A recent update
cured the lost hardware problem and I find that changing the Off button to
Shutdown works better than setting it to Sleep. Hibernate also works better
than Sleep on my Dell, so I set the hardware power button to do that and
don't use Sleep at all. You might need some diff settings than I have, but
try adjusting those settings to get the right mix.




Go to Advance Power Settings.
Set hard drive to turn off a minute or 2 before sleep.
Set Hybrid and Hibernate modes to "Off"
Under USB settings select "Disable"
Under Multimedia select "Allow ....."

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