Diable mouse wheel in slide show



Other than in "kiosk" mode is there a way to disable the mouse wheel in a
PowerPoint slide show? If the slide show is not in the "kiosk" mode (set in
the mode "browsed by an individual") then the minimize button shows up and
everything works perfectly except that the user can advance the slides using
the wheel. I need to force the user to only advance the slides using the
buttons I have created. If I put it in kiosk mode then there is no way to
minimize the slide show for user interuptions. So I am looking for an easy
solution or command (in VBA maybe) to disable the mouse wheel in "individual"
mode, OR minimize the slide show in "kiosk" mode.

Thanks for the help.

Ute Simon

I'm afraid there is no option - apart from using superglue to fix the mouse
wheel ... ;-)

Best regards,

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