DHCP related problem.



I have some problem in my Windows 2000 network.
I have cretaed 2 VLAN's (VLAN 1 and VLAN 2) on a cisco switch and 2 dhcp
scopes to cater to these VLAN"s.
I have defined Some switch ports in VLAN 2 and rest remains in VLAN 1.
Problem: The PC's connected to port configured on VLAN 2 is getting the VLAN
1 scope IP and vice versa. Ideally, once I configure a switch port to a
particular VLAN , then the PC connected to that port should renew the IP
allocated to that VLAN only.
We have cleared once the whole DHCP scope bu the problem persists.
This is happenning ramdomly and causing problem.
Can some one suggest some resolution.

Phillip Windell

There is a difference between Static VLANs and Dynamic (Frame tagging). You
cannot use Dymanic unless the NIC in the PCs is capable of identifying
itself with a Frame Tag.

You may have to use only Static VLANs. On ours it is a mixture,...there are
Dynamic VLANs between the switches because they are obviously VLAN "aware"
but ports that connect to PCs are strictly Static VLAN assigned because none
of our PCs or Server use NICs that can be associated with a VLAN ID.

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