dhcp issues



Old NT40 DHCP was decommissioned and replaced with an NEW
WIN2K DHCP server in a new AD deployment. 2 VLANs 15 and
16. 16 vlan is one in question, DHCP scope was 51-250 on
this VLAN. DHCP client could not access the network that
were handed out addresses past .80 (total of 4
clients..). These 4 client were taken to vlan 15 and were
able to acquire addresses and access the network. THe
DHCP server for this 16 scope showed that there were not
addresses to lease out. Server admins collapsed the 16
scope to 51-79 and then enalarged scope back to 51-250 to
clear up problems. Same 3 out of 4 workstations not able
to access network when back in 16 vlan. New workstation
from 15 taken to 16 vlan (after scope enlargment) and
received addresses of .89 and worked fine on 16. Still 3
of the old worstations remain not able to access network.
Those three clients received the same addreses it had
before from DHCP. Seems like there is a range in scope
that is (80, 81, 83, 84) not working or those mac
addreses of these workstations has some corrupt entry
some where even after the L3 switch and L2 switch ARP
cache and MAC-address-Tables were cleared.
-confused..need help on the server side.

David Tesar


It sounds like the problem resides at the clients and not necessarily the
DHCP server itself, especially if all of the other clients function as
expected. I might try to completely uninstall TCP/IP from the workstation
and then reinstall it and see if that helps to resolve the issue on those
clients. If that still does not work, I would try getting a network trace
using network monitor simultaneously on the DHCP server and on the client.
This way you can see what is happening with DHCP. If you do get network
traces, the following article should help you in troubleshooting:
169289 DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Basics

David Tesar
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