Desktop shortcut icons are being covered up..


java dave

Strange problem, which I've already researched but cannot find a clear
answer. I just imaged a laptop and had a couple shortcut icons on the
desktop that are being covered up with the recycle bin icon. This
only happens on the shortcuts, so it's taking the usual arrow icon
that sits at the bottom-left of shortcuts and replacing it with the
entire recycle bin icon. I've only found answers that refer to using
TWEAKUI, but would like to do this through the registry myself. Can
anyone point me to the right direction?



George Hester

Well you can always try to remove the "shortcut arrows" and put them back at a later time and see if the issue continues. I suspect it's a messed up shelliconcache. Two things to try:

Right-click desktop | Properties | Appearance | Item drop down | select icon | size | set down one notch 31| Apply | do this again but return the icon size to 32 | Apply | OK.

If that doesn't help then you can remove the shortcut arrows

Start | Run | regedit | dropdown the + next to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT | select .lnk | Save key then remove Is Shortcut | same thing with .pif.

Make sure you save the area you are going to change as a reg file so that if something unexpected occurs you can just double-click these saved files and restore the registry.


I always make a backup of HKCR after a new installation.

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