Desktop Icons - Help Required



I was using the computer, and recieved a fatal error message on the screen,
the computer appeared stable but I rebooted to be safe.

Before I rebooted I noticed that all my shortcut icons (not system icons
(MyComputer etc)) the desktop items looked like missing target icons.

After the reboot they still appeared like missing target icons, all other
icons appear fine, so I deleted the icons of the desktop and created new ones
(Send to Desktop (Create shortcut)), and the new icons remained the same.

Now I've only had the laptop a week, so I'm clicking on this and that try to
get them back, and found that if I change the size of the icons, the original
icons are displayed but the missing link icon remains but at the original
size, and upon changing back to the normal size I've noticed the original
icon is there but is covered by the missing link icon.

I've copied the icons of the desktop into MyDocuments and the icons are
displayed correctly, copy them back still a problem.

Looking in the Desktop Folder in Users, the icons are fine.

I've deleted the IconCache file, Rebooted problem remains.

I've changed the colour depth to 16 bit, and the icons are displayed
correctly take it back to 32bit and the problem comes back.

I've used system restore.

I belive it's something simple but what??, Any Help.





Check for updated drivers at your System Maker/Motherboard Maker and Video
Maker's Sites....

If no joy then use your warranty.......

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