Deploying MSI packages with Group Policy is not working.



I am trying to deploy software updates like the flash plugin by converting it
to a MSI file and asigning to the user through group policy but the software
is not getting pushed out. What am I missing? I am use group policy on
Windows 2003 Server.

Steven L Umbach

You can use gpresult to help see what Group Policy is being applied to a
user and I believe it would show Software Installation also. The permissions
to the share where the .msi package lives must also be correct. You might
try another .msi package that you know to be good in case their is a problem
with the one you made to see if that is published or not and try making a
trivial setting or two in the Group Policy/user configuration to see if it
is applied or not. If that works you know the problem is with Software
Installation configuration. If not there is a general problem in the Group
Policy not applying and running netdiag on the computer and looking in Event
Viewer may provide some clues. Also try rebooting the computer where you are
having a problem and try again as some settings do not seem to work right
away. The user must also have a good logon to the domain - no cached
credentials and then authenticate. --- Steve


I tried to install the MSI file manually and the MSi files are the problem.
Is there some articles detailing how to convert a EXE file to a MSI file? I
am using Wininstallle?

Thank You

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