Deploying files from different projects in a solution



Hi, I have 2 projects within a solution. One is the startup and is an
exe app. THe other is a Class library project which contains
other Content files with the Copy to Output Directory set to
Copy always. I want these files to deployed with my exe but they
are not. Only files under the project designated as startup are
being deployed. How can i get the other projects files to be deployed?




We havent migrated to VS2005 yet, but in VS2003 the way we did this (during
the dev cycle) was either:
- Deploy them separately (ie right click and deploy on your "content"
project... kinda not what you asked, and kinda of defeats the purpose ;)
- Add a reference to the content project to your startup project (gives you
"false" dll, but apart from that works okay)

Making both projects startup projects also works, but if your "content"
project is a dll it will throw an annoying error at you.

We use deployment projects for managing it for builds.



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