Deploying files not in the project

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Peter Morris [Droopy eyes software]

Hi all

I have a generic "Wizard-like" app that I use to run my applications. This
loads the taskflow logic + UI elements from dlls (specified in a config

So, what I want to do is this

1) New solution
2) DLL Project with task flow
3) DLL Project with UI factories
4) Add existing EXE (Forms app)

All simple so far, except that the EXE doesn't directly use any of the DLLs
etc, and may be used by other solutions to run different apps.

So my question is this. Is it possible to make some kind of project that
only states which files to deploy and then specifies the EXE as the app to




Peter Morris [Droopy eyes software]

I changed the task-executor to be a DLL instead. Each project now just uses
that DLL; makes more sense that way.


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