Project executable (and other files) doesn't copy to emulator



Using VS 2005, my project output files are not being copied to the
emulator. When I do a deploy (or F5) the message is that the
deployment succeeded, but then there are no files on the emulator (so
obviously the program won't run). There are two executables in the
Solution - the files from one project do get copied ( including the
NET Compact Framework, which is checked in the "Devices" property of
the project), but the files from the other project do not get copied.
I have done a field-by-field comparison of the two projects and all of
the settings are the same. I've also disabled the deployment of the
project that does copy, but that doesn't help the second project to

I can do a release build and put the files on the hardware and the
application will run that way (that's using ActiveSync to copy the
files, I haven't tried deploying directly from VS to the hardware
device). That would seem to prove that there is nothing wrong with the
application per se.

I'm having the same problem whether I attempt to deploy to either a
CF2003 emulator or a Mobile 5 emulator.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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