delimited, but Non-Comma Delimited file, for input.



I'm pulling a file from another program and tring to place it in
Access. This is going to be a daily thing and i would like to cut Excel
out of this loop. I allready have It so you can browse for the file and
select it. what i need is so I cna Imput a file thats using "^" and not
"," as a delimitantor. ( i can't use "," cause there used in fields,
"john,smith MD" , "Bob,Billy PA" , ect.)

is there any way to do it?




If you create an import spec for the file, you can use whatever character you
want as a delimiter; however, it is up to the application creating the text
file to include the delimiters. Another option is fixed length fields.
Before you decide how to import the file, you need to determine the export
capabilites of the other application.

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