Deleting Address Bar History / Links



How do I delete the history in the address bar. ie when I type in a w
in the address bar numerous sites/links are shown. How do I delete
these? I have already tried Tools Internet Options Clear History but
this only deletes some information but not all.




In IE, Go to tools/internet options/advanced. Scroll down until you see a
box named "Use Inline AutoComplete". Make sure this is UNchecked. Click
apply, then ok. Should do the trick.

After trying both methods described above and still failing to eliminate
certain nefarious typed urls, I found the way to clear typed urls in IE.
(I'm using windows XP Pro and IE6.)

Click Tools --> Internet Options --> Content --> Auto Complete

There are three options
-Web Address
-User names and passwords on forms

The "Web Addresses" checkbox is the one that stores typed URLs.
Uncheck "Web Addresses" click OK.

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