Delete query problem

Jul 27, 2010
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I have a DB I made in Microsoft SQL server, and I connected it to access, and now I'm making the interface for it.
I created a Delete query. I want to put a button in my form that runs this query BUT it's not working! I successfuly done this with selection queries. but when I get the window to chose the qry (when I add new button) the delete query isn't on the list. I clicked on "pass through" icon and chose the DB for this query, then I'm able to select it in the list and add to form, but it gives me errors like "incorrect syntex near * and near dbo_tblx " then I see that the SQL code is changed from this

DELETE FROM dbo_tblx
WHERE (((dbo_tblx.x)=[Enter number:]));

to this

FROM dbo_tblx
WHERE (((dbo_tblx.x)=[Enter number:]));
any advice on how to make that query run from my form??

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