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I'm running a delete query that removes the records from table tblAllRecords
when the PolNo is also found in a table called tblTransfer. When I run the
query as a select query, it identifies 281 records to be deleted. When I run
the query as a delete query, I get a messge box saying the query will delete
281 records from the table tblAllRecords, however after the query is run, I
have 7,481 less records in my tblAllRecords!! I have never expereinced this
before. What is happening? Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.

I'm running this query against my tblAllRecords

(Select [PolNo] FROM tblTransfer)

John Spencer


FROM tblAllRecords
WHERE PolNo in
(SELECT PolNo FROM tblTransfer)

If that is not what your SQL looks like then copy and paste the SQL statement
from the SQL window (View: SQL)

John Spencer
Access MVP 2002-2005, 2007-2010
The Hilltop Institute
University of Maryland Baltimore County

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