Delegation & Meeting Requests in Outlook 2007

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NY Law Firm Trainer

In Outlook 2007, in Tools>Options>Delegates there is the following option set:

Deliver meeting requests addressed to me and responses to meeting requests
where I am the organizer to:
1. My delegates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to
me (recommended)
2. My delegates only
3. My delegates and me

with 1, 2, and 3 being radio buttons.

At some point (although not initially) Option 1 displays meeting requests in
the grantor's Inbox with an "i" icon for "FYI," and no response option
buttons (Accept, Tentative, Reject, etc.) in the reading pane, all seeming to
suggest that this setting should be used when the delegate is responsible for
handling all responses. If the meeting request message is opened in its own
window, the grantor does see the response buttons, and could use them
themselves. Option 3 seems to be identical, except meeting requests don't
have the "delegate handles responses" shell (i.e. the "i" never appears, and
the grantor does get the response options buttons in the reading pane). Both
options ultimately display that a response has been made in the meeting
request header, in both the grantor and the delegate’s Inboxes, so each is
able to see if the other has responded.

Is there any other difference between settings 1 and 3, and or recommended
usage for one and/or the other?

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