defragmenting does it work or not ?



I was pretty much like Penny in Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon said he'd have to
go shopping with her 'Oh Yay!' when I saw Vista had it's own built in defrag.

Pretty much, Soooo ?

Anyway's since it's there and accessible I've used it to the point of allowing
it to schedule itself weekly.

Since defrag does things to the files, you can't normally see, I also grabbed
Auslogics free defragger.

I don't have AUS set to defrag on any schedule. I got it just to check the
homework done by the Vista weekly defragger.

I'd have to give it a flat out F! today.
The machines almost a year old. The vista defrag has been doing it's business
all that time.

AUS has over 5000 and climbing fragged files at this moment.

Or this tells me that the files weren't arranged in the hard coded designthat
AUS wants. Vista wants them in 1 order, and AUS want's them in another order.

Is there a program I can get to see what Vista's defrag actually did, b4
changing things around ?

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