Defender running?



With MS AntiSpyware, I always had the Bullseye icon in the Sys Tray, even
when I had closed the App window. With Defender, there is no icon in the
tray, although there was when I first installed it. I have Real Time
checked. When I came to my PC this morning, I saw no dialog box that
informed me of the scan as I did with the precious version. Does Defender do
it's thing even when it's shut down?


Are you saying that I need to choose Advance Membership over Basic? I
already have subscribed to Basic, but I see no option to select to show the
icon. Why do you suggest reinstalling? Did I miss something on the first

Bill Sanderson MVP

No--it isn't the Spynet membership level. There is new code at the download
site that has a checkbox to allow you to keep the icon showing. So--you
need to do a new download to get that ability. Eventually, all users will
be notified and running this code, but for now it requires a new download.


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