defender beta 2



I have tried and tried to download the window defender update. It starts to
install, about 3/4 of the way through I get a message that C:\Documents and
Settings\Owner\MyDocumentsWindowsDefender.msi cannot be found. I then go to
the control panel, add and remove, windows defender, and try to remove
defender from my computer. Again the same message appears and I cannot remove
defender. What gives here? Defender is working properly and will run scans
just fine. It is working and installed on my computer. I have tried for a
week to install. Can't do it. How can I download the updated version? Why am
I getting the error message? Windows defender beta 2 has been installed on my
computer for months now. It says there is a new download and I can't get it.
Can someone help me please!!!!!


Hello gunslinger,

Install Windows Installer 3.1 v2 (3.1.4000.2435) is availªble here:

Does AutoUpdate work on your system?
Try going to Windows Update and applying all offered critical updates.

For the benefit of the community reading this post, please rate the pºst.

I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.


Bill Sanderson MVP

Let's try this:

Download the new version (it is new, but not greatly changed in appearance.)
Save it to the desktop.

Disable real-time protection in your antivirus application.

Close all open applications--especially any Internet Explorer windows that
are open. Make sure no Windows Defender windows are open.

Then double-click on the downloaded file to install.

When this completes, be sure to re-enable real-time protection from your
antivirus application.

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