Defect in Security Update KB942615 for Internet Explorer 6



Posting for Windows XP Security and Administration:

There is a defect in Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 6 for
Windows XP (KB942615) Date last published: 12/11/2007, because when I
installed it, it constantly gives me the error message "Internet Explorer has
encountered a problem and needs to close" when I try to open Internet
Explorer after my computer starts.

When I removed this update from my computer, the computer opens Internet
Explorer without any problems, but with the update installed it crashes.

I just found out from MICROSOFT TECHNICAL SUPPORT in the Phillipines that
they are getting hundreds of calls about this problem.

He said the process of quality assurance a t Microsoft is not working and
that it should have been tested before it was released.

The manager and technicians responsible for this problem should be fired
from their jobs immediately and new quality assurance procedures should be
developed for releases at Microsoft.

Please reply to this post with your opinion and how these problems can be




This is why I always wait a couple of weeks before I install any updates.
This has been going on like this for years now,and I'm sure it will go on
for years to come.
The hardcore MS people will tell you that MS cannot predict what will happen
with every users system with every update because of the different programs
installed on peoples system.


Great suggestion Miike. The technical support representative in the
Phillipines told me that they had the update was intended for Windows 2000
not Windows XP but they set it up wrong to be installed on Windows XP and
they were overwhelmed with calls from users. They are notifying Microsoft
Engineers in Seattle, WA about the problem, but it takes time for them to
correct things.

Sounds like Microsoft has very bad Quality Control problems with its
software releases.

Next time I will wait a couple of weeks before updating my computer with any

I am in Los Angeles, California by the way. Where are you?

Best wishes, and I would appreciate hearing any other advice that you have.


Couldn't agree more, and as an aside, I just wonder what would happen if
there were an almighty faux-pas with an automatic update. Half the computers
on the planet knocked out? Stockmarket crash? Not beyond the bounds of

On a smaller scale, how about all 100 computers in your business (including
the servers) refusing to boot one Monday morning?

I remember the SG-1 episode in which the 'Avenger' virus, designed to
disable a single Gate by way of its auto-update mechanism, instead
knocked-out the entire Gate network, galaxy-wide. Fiction, maybe, but lessons
can be learned from fiction, nevertheless.


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