Default tab stop for captions?



Hello all,

I'm curious if there's a way to set a default tab stop after an inserted
caption? Our default is to press tab after the caption is inserted before
typing the rest of the caption label, so that some space will be added
between the figure label and the text (and also so that the text will be
aligned in the table of figures).

However, the amount of space that gets added seems to depend on the size of
the caption label and the length of the text. For example:

Figure 1.1 Small text label

Figure 1.35 Long text label Long text label Long text label Long text label

So the short caption label with a short text line gets more space between
the number and the text, while the long caption label with the long text line
has only a small space, even though I'm pressing tab once for both of the

Is there a way to set a default tab space so that all captions get the same
amount of space between the number and the text?

I'm using Word 2007 with Windows XP.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



Stefan Blom

By default, captions make use of the Caption style, so you can change that
style to include the tab stop position that you want.

Note, however, that a tab stop position is fixed, which means that there
will always be more space after a small figure number (such as 1.1) than
after a larger one (such as 1.35).

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