Captions: Change behavior


Bill Gruener

Word 2007 on Windows XP SP2

I want all graphics, tables, lists, any item needing a caption to display as
"Exhibit n Caption Text."

I insert a caption, choose the label "Figure," and receive the result:
Figure 1 Picture.
I insert a caption, choose the label "Exhibit," and receive the result: 1 -
1 Picture

I want the result: Exhibit 1 Pciture

I selected and cleared the option, Exclude label with caption. Neither on
nor off changed how the caption displayed. I examined the numbering options
and am able to remove the chapter number by clearing the option, Exclude
chapter number. But, I was unable to force the word "Exhitbit" to display.

How do I change the Exibit caption so it displays the word "Exhibit" with
continuous sequential count from 1?



Peter T. Daniels

"Exhibit" doesn't come as an out-of-the-box label under Captions,
meaning that someone at some point must have used the "New Label"
procedure to create one, so you should simply delete whatever remnants
of it are still there, and create a new one.

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